Kampa is an island in the heart of Prague

Kampa (expedia.com)

Located in downtown Prague, Kampa is an island in a side of the Vltava river. In the past it was a public space with mills and people doing their washing, and today this openness continues, with parks, benches, bars, cafes and an art museum, an island of calm and conversation in the heart of the city. Those of us who live here love it already, for visitors to Prague it is a delightful discovery.

Kampa is now also the name of this website whose main aim is to provide service and support to the Spanish and Catalan-speaking expat communities in the Czech Republic. What you are reading now is a brief ‘hello big wide world’ page in English.

We won’t be providing content in English as there is plenty of that elsewhere. What we will offer comes under three major categories:

  • Everyday life, practical, day-to-day content with both the long-term expat and the short-term visitor in mind
  • Current affairs, dealing more in depth with Czech political and economic themes
  • Culture, both from the point of view of understanding cultural issues in this part of the world but also for writers, thinkers and artists who are creating from here.

The different language versions are not verbatim translations but are independent and have their own logic. For example, if content in Czech is eventually published it will not be to present or disseminate Czech culture. In English there will be little more than this presentation page.

Kampa Magazine

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